Sculpture Garden

The colorful gardens of the Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens create an outdoor museum, showcasing sculptures by some of the Northwests most noted artists. Styles range from modern to abstract, whimsical to traditional. There is a permanent collection of pieces both large and small, as well as a rotating outdoor exhibit. Our permanent collection includes the Arboretum entry gateway formed by the signature purple columns by Little and Lewis, topped with a metal arbor by Rex Lukinich as well as large pieces such as Fibonacci, a metal water feature by Pam Hom, Clarity, a glass and stainless steel sculpture by Merilee Moore, Cascade Evening, a stone sculpture by Reg Ackright, and Circle of Life, steel and glass sculpture by Shirley Erickson and our most recent acquisition Roundness of the Horizon the Fossil by Katzutaka Uchida. Enter through the signature gateway and wander through the Arboretum to enjoy the permanent collection and the rotating outdoor exhibit. Sculptures in metal, glass and stone are placed throughout the individual gardens. The outdoor exhibit changes from year to year, and various artists and styles are represented.
  • Entry Columns, Little and Lewis, Arbor, Rex Lukinich
  • Sculpture King Clam by artist Ken Barnes has been added as part of the arboretum's rotating sculpture exhibit . Be sure to stop and see it soon at the front entrance.
  • In June 2019 Eternal Equinox #5 by artist Dave Haslett was installed in the new Nativar garden in memory of Everett High School teacher and Evergreen Arboretum board member Andy Sudkamp. Pictured are the artist and Andy's wife.
  • 'Circle of Life' steel and hand-fused glass sculpture by Shirley Erickson. Part of the permanent collection.
  • 'Cascade Evening' basalt sculpture by Reg Akright. Part of the permanent collection.
  • 'Clarity' steel and glass sculpture by Merilee Moore. Part of the permanent collection.
  • 'Genesis III' limestone, granite and wood sculpture by Brian Berman. Part of the permanent collection.
  • 'Stone Vessels' granite sculpture by Verena Schwippert. Part of the permanent collection.
  • Roundness of the Horizon: The Fossil, granite, by Katzutaka Uchida. Part of the permanent collection.
  • 'Fibonacci' by Pam Hom
  • 'Enzo Moon' by Daniel Michael
  • "Siblings" by James Madison, a Tulalip artist, is a sculpture consisting of two 18 foot brushed aluminum columns. The artwork is named for the artist's two young sons.
  • This piece celebrates the importance of the dragonfly to the Tulalips. It was believed that when the dragon fly larvae hatched in the spring, that this event heralded the return of the salmon, an important cultural and natural resource for the Tulalip Tribes.
  • "Guardian Head'' by Francie Allen This is one of two large cast concrete heads guarding the shade garden bridge.
  • "Guardian Head" by Francie Allen The second large cast concrete head.

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