South Arboretum

South Arboretum Plan Arboretum members have a dream of completing the landscape in the south area of the arboretum. We want to provide additional paved accessible pathways to access additional landscape areas. To get started on realizing the dream, Arboretum volunteers worked with University of Washington Landscape Architecture Professor Iain Robertson and two of his students, Myles Harvey and Monica Thompson. They created a conceptual plan and three dimensional model of the area which we are using to make the dream a reality. Our vision includes creation of a bog garden, a commissioned art installation, additional seating and expansion of the Japanese Maple collection, the Native Plant Border, a grove of trees with informal pathways, an expanded and enhanced rain garden and open space. The dream is nearing reality. Construction of the path and landscape beds was completed over the summer of 2018. For more information on how you can help please check out the ‘Donations’ page.
  • New sculpture for the south area to be installed spring/summer 2018.
  • James Madison's 'Siblings' sculpture, added to the South Area in August, 2018.

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