Viewing Mound

The viewing mound was created from excavated fill that was placed on the site in the mid-1980s. The garden on the mound was redesigned in 2005, framing the area and opening the vista of the gardens and educational pavilion to the south. The paved pathway draws visitors to the top of the mound featuring Fibonacci, the unique water and metal sculpture with adjacent seating by Pam Hom. The fins on the metal dome of the sculpture provide small slides to direct the flow of water in a spiral pattern which mimics features in nature such as the arrangement of scales on pine cones or seeds in the center of a sunflower. The seating area is designed to allow quiet contemplation and enjoyment of the view of the rest of the gardens. The sculpture was funded by the Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens Society, the Snohomish County Cultural Commission, the Richard and Nancy Wendt Endowment for the Arts, the Ann and Mary Arts Grant and numerous private donations.
  • Follow the path to the top of the Viewing Mound and discover the metal water feature 'Fibonacci' by Pam Hom
  • This sculpture was inspired by the discoveries of proportionate geometry found in nature.
  • Enjoy moments of meditation with the soothing sound of flowing water.
  • The succulent bowl garden has improved drainage with the addition of sand and rock and features a variety of dry loving plants.
  • The bog bowl garden has limited drainage and features carnivorous plants like the red Sarracenia and other plants that thrive in wet conditions.
  • The woodland bowl garden has a rich soil mix with added compost, logs and plants that thrive in that condition.
  • Saxifraga fortunei "Pink Elf" adds colorful foliage and late summer pink flowers to the woodland bowl garden.
  • Osakazuki Maple samaras (seeds): Osakazuki Maples have bright colored samaras (seeds) in summer and fire engine red fall color.
  • Acer palmatum "Skeeter's Broom" on the top of the Viewing Mound features bright red leaves in the spring.
  • Shaded rock stairs planted with a variety of Hostas connect the Viewing Mound to the Northwest Native Trail at the bottom.

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