Japanese Maple Grove

Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens has a renowned collection of Japanese Maples which have been featured in Fine Gardening and Sunset magazines. Maples have been prized in Japan for hundreds of years, though some now originate in other countries as well. Japanese Maples are perfect for growing in our Pacific NW climate and are noted as “trees for all seasons.” These trees are admired primarily for their foliage, which can be as colorful in spring as they are in fall. Japanese Maples can fit into almost any garden setting due to variations in size, structure and cultural needs. Maples are classified by leaf shape and growth habit. Foliage forms vary from typical palmate leaves to finely dissected lace leaves to narrow thread leaves. These are displayed in every shade of green and red, with some boasting variegated in various amounts and shades of pink, white, or yellow. Spring colors can be bright fuchsia, scarlet red, bright gold or even orange depending on the specimen. Every Japanese Maple glows with brilliant color each fall, turning shades of red, orange, and yellow. Growth habits of these beauties range from smaller bushy dwarfs to shapely large growing uprights to magnificent weeping specimens. There are over 700 named cultivars of Japanese Maples! The intent of Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens Japanese Maple collection is to provide a sampling of the different categories of Japanese maples for visitors to admire. Although there are a number of trees in the Japanese Maple Grove, many more of these are scattered throughout the various gardens in the Arboretum.
  • Some of our trees lit up with fall color.
  • Aconitifolium Maple in Fall: “The Dancing Peacock” (or Aconitifolium) maple is an example of Acer japonicum, boasting huge cut foliage and a spectacular blend of all colors.”
  • Beni Komachi spring foliage: “Beni Komachi has bright fuchsia red color in spring, subtle variegation in summer, and scarlet red color in fall.”
  • Bihou Japanese Maple: “Bihou has striking yellow bark in winter and yellow fall color. It makes a great small tree for shady spots and containers in shade.”
  • Emporer I Japanese Maple: “Emporer One is a nice upright dark leafed variety with scarlet red fall color. This one will grow large and take full sun.”
  • Golden Full Moon Maple: “The Golden Full Moon Maple is an example of Acer shirawasawanum that glows gold to lime green all spring and summer, then turns orangey red in fall.”
  • Moonfire Japanese Maple: “Our Moonfire is a striking multi-trunked specimen that has great red color from spring through fall.”
  • Omure yama Japanese Maple: “Omure yama displays nice cut green foliage, a gorgeous weeping habit, and spectacular fall color. Think big ol’ mushroom shape!”
  • Orange Dream Japanese Maple: “The name Orange Dream says it all – bright orange spring foliage and a tidy habit for part shade garden locations.”
  • Shindeshojo Japanese Maple: “Shindeshojo is one of best maples for 3 seasons – bright fuchsia pink color in spring, green with red tips in summer, and scarlet color each fall.”
  • Purple Ghost Japanese Maple “Part of the ghost series, Purple Ghost has purplish red foliage showing subtle reticulated markings of green to pink to white.”
  • Tsukushi gata Japanese Maple: “Tsukushi gata has unusual brick red colored foliage with lime green highlights. Makes a nice small bushy specimen for a sun or part shade location.”

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