Japanese Maple Grove

Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens has a renowned collection of Japanese Maples that has been featured in Fine Gardening and Sunset Magazine. Maples have been prized in Japan for hundreds of years, though some originate in other countries as well. The trees are admired primarily for their foliage which can be as colorful in spring as it is in fall. Japanese maples can fit into almost any garden setting due to variations in size, structure and cultural needs. Maples are grouped by leaf shape and growth habit. Leaves vary from palmate to lace leafed and thread leaf, in colors from hot pink to burgundy, lime to dark green, or variegated. Forms go from dwarf to upright to weeping. There are over 400 named cultivars of Japanese Maples. The intent of the Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens Japanese Maple collection is to provide a sampling of the different categories of Japanese maples. Trees are scattered throughout the various gardens.
  • Highlighted by sunlight Acer japonicum (Full Moon Maple) shows off its yellow-green foliage to good advantage.
  • Early Spring is an excellent time to view the color in our Japanese Maple grove, where thirteen different varieties of these spectacular trees strut their stuff.
  • A particularly fine specimen of Acer palmatum 'Villa Taranto' shows it's finely cut leaves in the Spring. A delicate small tree excellent for a small garden.
  • The pale orange leaves of Acer palmatum 'Maho' in the Spring are very unusual and the small stature of this specimen makes it a great candidate for a container.
  • A fine view of the Japanese Maple grove as you cross the bridge over the dry stream bed from the Woodland Garden.
  • This beautiful example of the Japanese Maple (Osakazuki) is one of two magnificent mature specimens in the Japanese Maple grove.
  • Outstanding example of one of our maples.
  • Acer Palmatum 'Shin-desojo' is a good choice for a pot.
  • A well pruned example of a green dissectum Japanese Maple in the Maple grove.

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