Conifer Garden

The Conifer Garden, the first garden in the Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens, was installed in 1979. It features a wide variety of dwarf conifers. The display includes representatives from 3 families of conifers, the Cypress, Yew and Pine families. Plants include 14 different genera and show the wide variety of shapes, colors and textures of foliage available for the garden. Forms vary from upright to weeping to prostrate, and foliage colors from lime green and yellow to deep green and blue. Not all conifers are evergreen, and the garden also features a weeping Larch, one of the deciduous conifers. The gardens original plants were donated by WSNLA and additions to the collection continue to be donated by landscape and nursery professionals. Arboretum member, Emile Van den Akker is the current ‘conifer guru’ and ensures that the collection is attractive, interesting and representative of a wide variety of conifers for the garden.
  • Dwarf conifers
  • Larix decidua "Pendula": This weeping larch is an unusual conifer because it is deciduous, dropping its needles in the fall.
  • Picea omorika "Pendula": This is a named cultivar of Serbian Spruce known for a narrow upright growth with weeping limbs.
  • Pinus strobus "Horsford's Dwarf": This is a dwarf cultivar of the Eastern white pine know for dense branching.
  • Abies pinsapo "Glauca": This blue Spanish Fir is showing off its bright green new growth in the spring.

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