Small Urban Tree Walk

Follow the pedestrian pathway that links the north part of Legion Park to the Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens, providing a safe pedestrian pathway between the two areas. This path winds through a display garden of small scale trees selected to be compatible with today’s smaller urban gardens. Trees in the tree walk were selected to provide interesting features in all seasons, including flowers, berries, attractive bark and excellent structure. Trees in this garden will reach a height of less than 35 feet at maturity to enable them to be grown below power lines, or in other small urban settings. The Small Urban Tree Walk also features a display garden with a large variety of ground cover plantings. The landscape was funded by a Washington Department of Natural Resources grant, Snohomish County PUD, WSNLA [Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association], and Everett Parks and Community Services.
  • The view down a portion of the walk shows Laburnum waterii the Golden Chain Tree with flowers hanging overhead and Magnolia seboldii the Oyama Magnolia blooming in the background.
  • Trees were selected that would not interfere with the existing power lines like the Pagoda Dogwood show here in full flower.
  • Trees were selected for interesting features like Acer griseum the Paper Bark Maple with its peeling bark.
  • This delicate fringe of white flowers shows how Chionanthus virginicus the Fringe Tree got its name.
  • Fall provides us with a show of color along the tree walk. Shown here in late fall is Oxydendrum arboreum the Sourwood Tree.
  • Many hours of volunteer effort go into maintaining the Small Urban Tree Walk

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